Professor Mickael Naassila received his PhD in Neurosciences at the University of Rouen studying the mechanisms of action of acamprosate and the role of nitric oxide synthase in alcohol dependence in rats. During his postdoctoral training at the Pharmacology & toxicology dept of the Pharmacy school at the University of Kansas, he studied the transcriptional and post-translational effects of alcohol on NMDA receptor subunits. 

Since coming at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in 2000, he has been working on the effect of early life ethanol exposure (in utero and/ or adolescence) on the vulnerability to develop alcohol dependence. He was also involved in different clinical projects on the genetic vulnerability to develop a severe phenotype of alcohol dependence and alcohol liver disease. He is the leader of the European project ALCOBINGE ( )on the cognitive and emotional impact of binge drinking in young people and on the use of preclinical model to mimic this phenomenon in rodents to uncover neurobiological mechanisms underlying long term vulnerability to alcohol abuse. 

He is also the leadpartner of a national grant form the ANR (SENSIBALCO project, ) to study the role of the behavioural sensitization to the stimulant effects of alcohol in addictive behaviour. Currently he is the head of the Research Group on Alcohol & Pharmacodependences (INSERM unit ERi 24, ), one of the very rare laboratories in France seeking to elucidate neurobiological bases of alcohol dependence in relevant animal models of the disease. The animal model of alcohol addiction used in the lab is the chronic intermittent exposure to ethanol vapours known for inducing both physical and psychological dependence in rats. Pr Naassila is a member of the board of the ESBRA ( ) and the President of the Société française d’alcoologie ( ). He is in charge of the National Research Network on Alcoholism (REseaU NatIonal de Recherche en Alcoologie – REUNIRA) created in 2016 and supported by the MILD&A and the Research centre of the Addict’Aide website ( ). Talk to you on Twitter for alcohol discussions: @Equipe_ERI24