Barcelone - Espagne

CASAS Miguel

Director of Neuropsychodevelopmental Disorders Program and Addictions along the life cycle (from 2015 at present). Institut Català de la Salut. Barcelona. Spain. Full Professor of Psychiatry (from 1996 at present). Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine. School of Medicine. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Spain. President of the International Dual Disorders Foundation (from 2013 at present). Miquel Casas is developing his professional work in Adolescent and Adult psychiatry over 25 years, focusing his research on the neuropsychodevelopmental disorders (ADHD along life span, Borderline Personality Disorders, etc. ) inducing vulnerability for academic failure, addictions, behavioural problems, traffic accidents, violence and criminality, etc. He is also involved in e-Health and m-Health projects in Barcelona.