Saint-Louis - USA


Dr. Arpana Agrawal received her PhD. in Human Genetics (Quantitative) in 2004, under the mentorship of Dr. Kenneth Kendler at Virginia Commonwealth University. She subsequently trained in genomic approaches for the study of addictions at Washington University School of Medicine, where she also secured NIH funding and is currently a tenured Associate Professor. Arpana’s research aims to understand the genetic and environmental underpinnings of substance use and misuse, with a particular emphasis on cannabis. She has published 200 peer-reviewed publications using a broad range of epidemiological and genetic approaches. Her research is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). She is also actively involved in several phenotype harmonization efforts (PhenX) and co-leads the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium’s Substance Use Disorders (PGC-SUD) working group, which aims to collate the largest available samples of individuals with addiction via collaborative research across international groups of investigators. Arpana is honored to be a speaker at the prestigious Albatros Conference.